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Model: H2405XES-2W

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Output Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Package Effect(%) Max Output Current Maximum Output Current
2(0.2-2)W 24(21.6-26.4)VDC 05 SIP12 400 6000VDC
Size Temperature Range Regulated Output Certification Imports Short-circuit Quality Rating Case Material
31.8*13.97*8.60mm -40-85°C UNREGULATED CE,ROHS continous High quality plastics
Isolated 2W Single Output DC/DC Converters
Other package types with the same output power
Model Output Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Package
A0912S-2W 2(0.2-2)W 9 ±12 SIP7
A1212S-2W 2(0.2-2)W 12(11.6-13.2)VDC ±12 SIP7
A1512S-2W 2(0.2-2)W 15(13.8-16.4)VDC ±12 SIP7
A1812S-2W 2(0.2-2)W 18(16.2-19.8)VDC ±12 SIP7
A2412S-2W 2(0.2-2)W 24(21.6-26.4)VDC ±12 SIP7
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